Produce Produce

A head-to-head horticultural combat game where gardens are arenas and players battle for resources to grow and throw as much produce as they can at the goals (and each other).

Accessible and immediate gameplay for a wide age range; part harvesting sim, part sports game, its focus is fun arcade action but skill and tactics come into play once players get to grips with the challenge.

A game bursting with humour, character and playful ideas that expand on its core play mechanics.

Multiple arenas, characters and challenges provide lots of gameplay options for up to 4 player action (local or online), and a single player experience where players can tackle challenges, skill up and try new stages.

Different play styles are accommodated; passively tending crops, aggressively going after others, or focusing on challenges; agitating and disruptive or sly and stealthy, the game balances as long as you produce!


Target platforms:

Nintendo Switch / Personal Computers

Matches are based on a score target, timer (or specific win conditions) and players must grow and throw their produce into the goal(s) to score points. To do this they need to claim plots, plant seeds, cultivate them and, when they are think the time is right, deliver the produce.

However there are plenty of obstacles to achieving victory; other players can sabotage or steal what you grow, they can also hog resources or claim more land. There are environmental hazards and wildlife to consider too!

You can gain bonuses when shots are from a distance or deflect on their way. There are hidden combos too, giving multipliers when certain fruit and veg are scored “Garden Salad!” “Detox Smoothie!!”

There are extra ways to gain an advantage during a match through the card based objectives system. These are mostly time or counter based challenges that pop up offering a bonus to the first player who completes it, with the right timing a player can come from behind to win a match if they play their cards right.

There will be 8 unique characters available at launch, each with a distinct personality in style and demeanour. They can jump into one of 12 arenas each offering different mechanics and layouts to test your gardening skills.


Produce Produce; producing producers of produce…