Produce Produce

Produce Produce is a head-to-head horticultural combat game where gardens are arenas and players battle for resources to grow and throw as much produce as they can at the goals (and each other).

Bike Slide Ride (Bingo Beicio)

Three tracks, three riders, one high score challenge. A phone-in game for kids!


Historically ‘accurate’ branching narrative game, retelling of the ‘Story of Branwen’ from the Mabinogi tales.

Boj Smoothies

In this colourful Unity game, players help Boj the bilby make smoothies to order using upcycled blenders, tying into the Boj television series and its themes of creation and imagination.


We designed and built 10 unique, ancient Egyptian themed, challenges for the TV quiz show Pyramid. The games were played by the child contestants on the show, and also at home as a play along second-screen app.

Byd Cyw

S4C’s flagship children’s app; Byd Cyw is a fun-filled play space for kids who love games, stories, songs and exploration.

Toot’s Race

We were commissioned by Lupus Films to create Toot’s Race, a Toot the Tiny Tugboat racing game where kids can race Toot around four different themed race tracks full of fun surprises and big splashes!

The Dragon and the Eagle

We collaborated with author Colin Thomas to create an enhanced eBook that explores the history of Welsh-Americans enhancing the text with images, audio, videos, interactive graphics/maps and more.


This educational app for Loughborough University was designed as a language coding course for students, giving step by step instructions and worked examples to make qualitative coding easy to learn.

Ethel and Ernest Website

The ultimate resource for fans of Raymond Briggs’ award-winning story, this official movie site was developed and launched to coincide with the cinema release of animated feature film, Ethel & Ernest.

Cyw Website

We created a fun and child-friendly official website for S4C’s preschool channel brand Cyw, where kids can play games, listen to songs and watch episodes in a colourful, animated online space.